Sunday, September 1, 2013

Make a Rapunzel Braid Wig by Yourself- Instruction

As other little girls, my daughter loves Rapunzel's beautiful hair and wants to be Rapunzel for a long time. Of course, we bought her a Rapunzel dress from Disney. But that's not enough. Then I bought a wig for her. It's long straight blond hair, and only about $15. However, "It's as beautiful as Rapunzel's." She said. So, eventually, I tried to make this wig into Rapunzel's braid with flower myself. And it works!

Step 1: Make small braids on left side and right side. Note: not on the very edge, leaving some hair on the side.

When make the one on the right side, make sure you put in part of the brown hair. It will make the whole pattern better.

Step 2: Make a 3rd small braid on the left side, close to the edge and under the first one.

Now we have 3 small braids.

Step 3: Make a bigger braid on the left side, braiding the 1st small one in, but leaving the 3rd small one out. It should be about 1/3 of the whole hair. Note: not on the very edge, leaving some hair on the side.

Make another one on the right side in the same way.

Step 4: This is a hard part. Bring the hair from the very edge to the middle, covering the braids made before. Use rubber band to tie it. It should be almost 1/3 of the whole hair. This is the key to make the shape of Rapunzel's hair.

I use a purple ribbon to wrap the middle part. It's not necessary. I just want to make it more pretty.

Step 5: Braid the whole hair except for the 3rd small braid.

Step 6: Now wrap the 3rd small braid around the final braid. I found some pictures from movie and tried to make it the same as the movie.

Step 7: The most funny part --- add flowers! I used some old purple and pink flowers at home. I sew/tie them onto small hair clips (baby size). Then I can put them anywhere I want. Now look at our Rapunzel!

Look at some details:

Yes, I added a butterfly which wasn't in Rapunzel's hair. It looks good!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Cookie

For kids’ Easter activity, I cooked some Easter bunny cookies. This recipe works really well and they are welcomed by kids.


1 cup butter or margarine (room temperature)
1 cup sugar
1 large egg (room temperature)
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp baking powder
3 cups all purpose flour

(1)Put butter and sugar in a big bowel. Use electronic mixer until it’s fluffy.
(2)Add egg and vanilla extract, use mixer for about 1-2 minutes.
(3)Add baking powder, mix
(4)Add flour cup buy cup, mix about 2 minutes before add another cup.
(5)I put it in refrigerator for about hour.
(6)The cookie cutter is from Walmart. I only used the bunny one.

(7)Make the dough about 0.5cm thick. Use cookie cutter to cut out bunnies.
(8)Spray oil on the baking sheet, and put bunnies on it. The dough will expand after heated. So make sure there’s enough space between bunnies.
(9)400F, 8-9 minutes.

Happy Easter!

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Garden in Summer 2011

Just like a kid, my garden is growing and different each year. We love it!


Royal Present Lily

Sun Crimson Mandevilla


Camelot Lavender Foxglove

Tall Mallow

Tango Push Off Asiatic Lily

Some other Lilies

Some types of single Carnation



A pot

Shrubby Cinquefoil

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Free Pattern -- Baseball Tee Sweater 2T (Top to down)

18st x 24r = 4”x4”

Circular needle 16” and 29” (if you can knit small circle on big needle, only 29” is fine too.) size 6
Simply Soft Yarn: Autumn Red 9924, about 360 yard
Bernat: Ebene(black), about 200yard
Or any other sport weight yarn that fits needle 6.

Finished Measurement:
Chest: 27”
From armpit to hem: 9”
Sleeve (from armpit): 8.5”


use circular needle 16” and black yarn, CO84st.
Put the 1st marker (make it different from othermarkers)
k 4 row, p the 5th row, k 4 rows, fold down to k the 10th row together with the 1st row.

Preparatory line:
kit from 1st marker, 17st,M1,;
Put 2nd marker, k 25 st,M1;
Put 3rd marker, K17st, M1;
Put 4th marker, k 25st, M1.
Now it (18,26,18,26)

Optional Short rows: (It will make back and sleeves longer than the front and hence more comfortable. If you don’t want, skip it.)
k from 1st marker, black(sleeve color) to 2nd marker, change to red(body color), k to 3rd marker, change to black, knit to 4th marker, change to red, knit to 1st marker.(from now, keep the color pattern.) change to red, knit 2 st.
Wrap and turn, purl back to the 1st marker, change to red and purl 2 st.
Wrap and turn, knit to where you turned last time and knit 2 more st.
Wrap and turn, purl to where you turned last time and purl 2 more st.
Warp and turn, knit to 1st marker.

Purl from 1st marker, M1 every 2 sts before and after each marker, end at 4th marker;
Turn and knit 1 row from 4th marker to 1st marker.
Repeat the above 2 until the Yoke (not including collar) measures 7”. Knit to the 1st marker to start sleeves. All about 50 rows. (68,76,68,76)
*When turn to purl, use the red yarn to wrap it, then the whole thing will be seamless. *Change to 29” circular needle when need.

Use 16” circular, black yarn.
Knit 5 row,
Knit 2 together before and after marker.
Repeat these 6 rows until it’s about 9”. All about 54 rows. (Somehow, when it’s done, it will be short than you see now.)
Then, knit 3 rows, Purl the 4th (purl 2 together before and after the marker), Knit4 rows.
Fold down, pick up according stiches to knit the edge and upper sleeve together, BO at the same time. (48 st)

Use 29”circular to join front and back, red yarn.
Knit the 2 st together under the armpit in the first 2 rows to get rid of the holes.
Knit until it’s about 8” from armpit. All about 50 rows.
Then knit 4 rows, purl the 5th row (purl 2 together on left and right edges), knit 4 rows;
Fold down, pick up according stiches to knit the edge and upper body together and BO at the same time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011