Friday, September 17, 2010

Ox Sweater for Infant Boy

Several years ago, if someone talks to me about sewing, knitting,,.…etc, I would say ”Why bother? Just buy it.” In my opinion then, it’s wasting time. However, now as a mom, I know how much fun it is to make something for adorable kids, although I ‘m not a talented sewer like some friend.

When I was pregnant, there were many changes, of course. One of them was the sudden desire to knit. … Isn’t it funny? For me, knitting seems to be related to hormone. My hb says, maybe it’s one of the symptoms of nesting instinct. Anyway, the enthusiasm began from pregnancy and decreased when babies began walking.

Here are 2 ox sweaters. I knitted them last summer, but the picture was taken in winter when I took them out.


  1. Wow! I can't imagine you knitting! And such adorable things! Wish I could knit too! Great job!

  2. A big surprise. You should be the one reading philosophy.