Monday, October 25, 2010

K1 once said:

Sometimes, kids view the world and use languages in a very interesting way. Here are some of what K1 said.

Noodle is swimming in the soup.

sugar on the mountain (snow)

I ate green trees. (broccoli)

pillow's skin (pillowcase)

Trees are waving hands. Leaves are trying to fly. (a windy day)

I’m reading ‘Children Times’. (some children apparel catalogs)

I’m Darby, K2 is Pooh and K3 is Tigger.




  1. The ones about trees and leaves are totally poem. She is a poet.

  2. 最后三个角色定位很形象嘛。

  3. I agree she's a poet. Kai doesn't say things as cute as hers.