Monday, November 29, 2010

I LikeYou

My friends often ask K1 a question: “Do you like K2 or K3?”

For most people, this is a common question to break ice and start a conversation, similar to “Do you like Mommy or Daddy?” No real meaning.

In the beginning, K1 thought seriously before giving the answer. However, she soon found that adults were kind of “teasing” her. They didn’t take the answer as serious as she did. After she answered, the one who asked often laughed and turned o discuss with another adult, like mom or dad or anyone standing by. And they will make comment like “How cute”, “Little girls….” “This is interesting”…. etc. K1 felt unhappy about it. In her opinion, perhaps she wasn’t treated equally and seriously, I guess. So she changed her response quickly.

Now whoever asks her “Do you like K2 or K3?”

She says “I like you.” And looking back to see how they react.

Is she teasing back or something else?


  1. Exactly what she said to me. Now I see.

  2. The little girl is complicated.

  3. She's smart!

    Wish I had K2 and K3 for Kai to answer those questions for so she can get smarter too!

    However if I ask a kid a question and she's seriously thinking about her answers, I would seriously continue the conversation with a "why" or some more questions to show my respect for her.

  4. To Rowena: You are a considerate mom. Yes, kids are smart and know more than we think.

    Oh, you should have more kids. Don't waste your mothering talents like cooking, sewing....... I'm sure you can handle more.