Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flower Troughs and Pots

Finally, Spring is here!

In my garden, most plants are perennial. I have a couple of pots for annual ones. Weeks ago, I bought 2 flower troughs to hang on our yard fence. So we have several spots for annual flowers.

What I don’t like about annual is that they die in winter and hence there is no happiness or excitement to see new sprout in spring. But somehow, annual ones are generally more colorful and more beautiful than perennials. See what I grow this year.

French Marigold and Daisy are always good. Not sure what's the name of the read one on the left. When I was little, there were a lot in the garden of our community. In my memory, there were higher than my waist and I could hide there. Somehow, I never see it so tall here.

Some Drummond Pink Phlox on the side.

Finally, my perennials are waking up. See my Lily.

What excited kids is that a new friend made her home here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Make a Tutu without Sewing

A new girl joined K1’s dance class. She has a fluffy tutu, pink and purple, which K1 liked. You know, for their age, they probably get more fun from dressing up like a princess than real dancing. So after the class last week, we went to the shop in dance school. Unfortunately we didn’t find what she wants.

What I didn’t expect is that a friend told me a simple way to make tutu skirt, even without sewing! I tried it and it is really fantastic. All we need is: Scissors, Tulle and Elastic.

First, I bought one pack ½” elastic and some Tulle. I got 3 yards pink and 3 yards rose, both 54” wide.

OK, I admit, we need a little bit sewing. Measure the girl’s waist. Cut the elastic and sew the ends together to make it into a loop which is 2” shorter than the waist. That’s all.

Then I cut tulles into strips, 6”x25”. The length is twice of how long you want the skirt to be. For example, if you want the skirt to be 10” long, make the strip 20”. Also you can adjust the width if you want.

Now layer 3 strips in every other color (e.g.: 1 pink, 1 rose, 1 pink), fold them in half, and make a knot on the elastic.

For next knot, 1 rose, 1 pink, 1 rose………. Put knots one by one.

Keep putting on knots until the elastic is full without much stretch. All done!

K1 is supper happy and can’t wait for the next dance class!