Sunday, September 1, 2013

Make a Rapunzel Braid Wig by Yourself- Instruction

As other little girls, my daughter loves Rapunzel's beautiful hair and wants to be Rapunzel for a long time. Of course, we bought her a Rapunzel dress from Disney. But that's not enough. Then I bought a wig for her. It's long straight blond hair, and only about $15. However, "It's as beautiful as Rapunzel's." She said. So, eventually, I tried to make this wig into Rapunzel's braid with flower myself. And it works!

Step 1: Make small braids on left side and right side. Note: not on the very edge, leaving some hair on the side.

When make the one on the right side, make sure you put in part of the brown hair. It will make the whole pattern better.

Step 2: Make a 3rd small braid on the left side, close to the edge and under the first one.

Now we have 3 small braids.

Step 3: Make a bigger braid on the left side, braiding the 1st small one in, but leaving the 3rd small one out. It should be about 1/3 of the whole hair. Note: not on the very edge, leaving some hair on the side.

Make another one on the right side in the same way.

Step 4: This is a hard part. Bring the hair from the very edge to the middle, covering the braids made before. Use rubber band to tie it. It should be almost 1/3 of the whole hair. This is the key to make the shape of Rapunzel's hair.

I use a purple ribbon to wrap the middle part. It's not necessary. I just want to make it more pretty.

Step 5: Braid the whole hair except for the 3rd small braid.

Step 6: Now wrap the 3rd small braid around the final braid. I found some pictures from movie and tried to make it the same as the movie.

Step 7: The most funny part --- add flowers! I used some old purple and pink flowers at home. I sew/tie them onto small hair clips (baby size). Then I can put them anywhere I want. Now look at our Rapunzel!

Look at some details:

Yes, I added a butterfly which wasn't in Rapunzel's hair. It looks good!

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